Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Yes..the website!

I have had an ongoing courtship with technology and it seems to finally becoming more intimate. By this I mean I am figuring out new buttons on my computer and just what they are for! I have just realized how to make the Blog work with my website and so here is the link and please check out the photos there.

I want to say a most special THANK YOU to my website Master..AL SHANTO who has so graciously worked for over a year creating this with me. He has been patient with my indecisiveness, supportive in his creativity and dedicated to finishing.
I am so grateful and think if you need a web Master he is your guy!

Here is a photo of a beautiful dragonfly my friend Sonia found. I think they are quite stunning and mytserious. I hope you come across something mysterious and stunning. I imagine we do all the time it's just a matter of noticing.....or shall I say "glimpsing".

Happy anniversary

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This is for my parents on their 46th wedding aniversary! I think they are the greatest parents anyone could ever ask for. They have role modeled a remarkable, respectful, loving and beautiful relationship all my life. They have supported all of us (4 kids) in so many ways...emotionally, physically and spiritually and I know my brothers would agree when I say I believe we are so blessed to have all had each other in this lifetime. Mom and Dad..Thanks and we love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Marriage..."A Union of Souls"

During the past few weeks I have had the great honor of photographing some remarkable moments in time. An opportunity to see change in the world. At one of the weddings of these women a toast was made that recited one of the definitions of MARRIAGE..n., "a union between two souls". One of the things that I found most moving was that each of these couples had been together for more than twenty years. They understand committment and unconditional love in a way most newlyweds can't begin to imagine. Here's to all it's beautiful forms!

Our Owen

It had been a wee while since I last saw my new nephew Owen. I had either forgotten how cute he was or he got cuter I am not sure which. He and I had fun but he was most interested in Buttercup our cat. I remember when my daughter was so small and she didn't like getting her clothes changed and now that she is almost a teenager it seems that's all she does. My son, however, still does not like change of any kind as he is more a creature of habit.
I enjoy all the stages of childhood and feel particularly blessed to be able to document it!
It keeps me connected to what really matters in life...LOVE!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can't help but smile!


The fall is upon us and one of my favorite seasons as the days trade off between crisp and sultry.
The light hits the earth at a different angle now and I feel it and see it in my photos.
I am busy photographing kids' smiles at school and families wanting to make long lasting heirloom gifts for the holidays.
I do love it.
I encourage you to let go of the old habits that no longer worl, take in the abundance of all that is around you at this time and savor it as it is such a joyful and healing thing to do.
Take care,

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have been loving the light just before and during sunset. That time when you know it won't last but it sure is sweet while it's there. AND the kids I haave been photographing lately are spectaculary sweet themselves. I am quite fortunate to be able to do what i love.
Go enjoy the sunset tonightand share it with someone sweet.

bellies,babies and bubbles

I have had so much fun lately photographing what I want. I am still in awe of pregnant women and their beauty. I am still in love with babies and their wonder. Have fun viewing these "GLIMPSES" I had a great time taking them!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Owen Maxwell

Well...I am an AUNT yet again. There is something so magical about babies. I never tire of them. Okay maybe at 3 a.m. for the 20th night in a row and they are up and incessantly crying I might tire of them but otherwise I just love 'em. This is our latest edition to our family. Owen Maxwell. His name is longer than he is. I think he is so perfect and beautiful. I think Owen thinks I have a big black thing attached to my face (camera) because I just want to capture all the glimpses. Here is just one...enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

the nest

Anastella and I made our way to a beautiful mustard field today. It was incredible and fun. She is becoming quite the photographer and has an eye of her own. I love sharing this with her and I may be biased but I think she is amazing.
I am becoming more and more inspired for the nest series.